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Explore Umbria by E-bike

Discover all the charm of Umbria by exploring it with our fantastic E-bikes! Whether you are an expert cyclist or a beginner, we offer tailor-made itineraries for every level of preparation and suitable for all ages, to discover the most evocative and hidden sides of Umbria’s splendid nature.

Our qualified cycling guides will accompany you along various routes, from easy to challenging, with durations ranging from 30 to 300 minutes. Get in the saddle and let yourself be enchanted by the wonders of Umbria on two wheels!

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Easy route

Città di Castello – 10 km
Estimated time of visiting 30 minutes

Sansepolcro – 20km
Estimated time of visiting 60 minutes

The best way to reach Città di Castello or Sansepolcro by bicycle is via the Tiber cycle/pedestrian path.

Short Route

Celle – Citerna – Celle
Estimated time 180 minutes Max. gradient 21% – 14 km approx. / 425 m +

From the Piccolo Cimitero, a short downhill stretch to be tackled with caution opens up the road towards hills and rural landscapes full of old-world charm. (1.8 km gravel road)
From the descent, we move on to the ascent that gently ascends to one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, CITERNA, from which the main square offers a spectacular view of the valley. (4 km asphalt)
After a short stop, a walk through the streets of the town and after admiring the beautiful “Madonna di Donatello” (cost of the Madonna di Donatello museum visit € 5.00) we set off again towards paths immersed in nature, where Francis and many pilgrims have left their mark. We say goodbye to the small hamlet by descending the southern slope (2 km asphalt), which takes us to the start of more or less beaten roads, immersed in a nature that still reigns supreme in which we catch a glimpse of a not too distant past, which will take us back to our starting point. (3.5 km unpaved)

Medium route

Estimated time 240 minutes Max. gradient 20% – approx. 20 km / 620 m +

We arrive in Citerna along the same route as the short itinerary, but the next stop this time is Monterchi, the first town after the Umbrian border.
We descend via Via Madonna Del Parto the leads us to the threshold of the birthplace of Piero della Francesca’s mother.
This is where the famous painting ‘Madonna del Parto’ is kept in the town museum (cost of the Madonna del Parto museum visit € 6.50).
Leaving the museum located right along the city walls, we continue along the river path of the Cerfone stream where a loop trail will begin showing us the hidden side of this splendid village.
To end on a high note, we will follow the paths of St. Francis through olive and chestnut groves and suggestive landscapes that will accompany us to Borgo di Celle.

Long route

Tour of the Montedoglio dam
Estimated time required 300 minutes – approx. 67 km / 450 m +

The tour of the Montedoglio dam by bicycle is an ideal choice for cycling enthusiasts and nature lovers. The dam, located north of the town, offers a panoramic route with a view of the artificial lake of the same name, which was formed during the construction of the water system in the area (1970s)
It is an excursion that can be made at any time of year, always being able to appreciate the different natural environments along the way.
The most fascinating section of the tour is the one that runs along the lake. At this point, the road becomes much flatter and you can pedal with ease while enjoying the view. During the ride, you will also come across a number of bays or inlets to the lake, which are worth visiting to admire the crystal-clear water and the lush nature that surrounds it.
One of the most beautiful stops on the trip is at the belvedere point on the dam, where a breathtaking view of the valley below can be admired.
The return to Citta di Castello can be made via Anghiari, or you can continue towards Sansepolcro along the Tiber river and then back onto the state road.
To sum up, the cycling trip around the Montedoglio dam is an unforgettable experience that I recommend to anyone who wants to experience a total immersion in the nature and beauty of Umbria and Tuscany.

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